Monday, April 23, 2018

April 23, 2018

Stopping by the Institute for Widget Studies Annual Conference
with a nod to Robert Frost

This work's been done before I know.
The speaker is a student though;
he has a script he reads too fast.
I wish I could get up and go.

If only this talk were the last.
I feel like hours and hours have passed.
Another conference session blown
in wastelands barren, bleak, and vast.

I noticed I was not alone
when reading email on my phone.
So how much longer can this take?
Just now I heard a stifled groan.

The coffee's bad the cream is fake,
but I just want to stay awake,
with hours to go before the break,
with hours to go before the break.

by Bruce McGuffin
in volume 6 issue1

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  1. I love this form. Do you know if it has a name? I did one also: Arguing in German on a Snowy Evening.
    pg 42


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