Monday, May 20, 2013

Things You Won't Learn in History Class

Biblical Themed Horror Movies

The Garden of Bleedin'
The Ark of the Coven
40 Days and 40 Frights
The Blood-Thirsty Apostle
Slain and Able
Give us this Day our Daily Dead
Gold, Frankincense, and Murder
Lazarus Returns, with a Vengeance
The Kingdom, and the Power, and the Gory, Forever
The Dead Sea
Thou Shalt Murder
I Know what You did Last Supper


Children's Books Written by the Sand People in Star Wars

Green RRAAGGHHHHH!!!! and Ham
Where the Wild Things RRAAGGGHHHH!!
James and the RRRAAGGGHH!!!! Peach
Tales of the Fourth Grade RRAAGGHHHH!!
Mrs. Frisby and the RRAAGGHHHHH!!! of NIMH
The Lion, the Witch, and the RRAGGHHHH!!

by Jonathan Shipley
in Volume 1 Issue 2

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