Monday, June 3, 2013

Shopoholics Delight!

Sonnet to the Dollar Store

Where vagabond dollars find their place,
at last, unbroken, their value decreed,
safe from voodoo economics of greed,
the gold standard greenbacks earns their grace.
These dollars empower modest buyers
of stock staples: tools, canned food, white soap,
plastic spoons, pins and pens, glue, twine and rope,
and grab bags, like fruit on trees, inspires.
This humble boutique, its shelves are proud,
its mission honest, in service to plain folks,
no scam, no hoax, no deceit to provoke
the ire of trusting customers unbowed.
One item, one dollar, an oath abides
Here, a dollar is what a dollar buys.

by Gregg Sapp
in Volume 2 Issue 1

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