Monday, October 21, 2013

'tis the season to pig out

The Deadly Diet of Danny D. Wyatt

Danny D. Wyatt could not keep to a diet.
His stomach just wouldn't be quiet.

Feed me! Feed me! that stomach did cry.
Poor Danny D., he was forced to comply.

Apples pies and cinnamon toast,
Eggs and bacon it loved the most.

Cakes and soda it loved them, too.
Gum drops and licorice it loved to chew.

On it went, day after day.
The stomach consumed all in its way.

Soon Danny's stomach reached the floor.
The stomach insisted on eating more.

Danny D's stomach filled the whole room.
It looked around for more to consume.

There was Danny alone for an hour.
Guess what his stomach chose to devour?

by Paul Goldberg
in Volume 2 Issue 1

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