Monday, November 18, 2013

Please sir, may I have another... day off

Milton the Busboy Asks for Friday Off
with apologies to John Milton
When I consider how the light bill was spent,
my sum for groceries, and have for six months lied
outright about cadging loose tips on the side,
it seems pointless, doubly so when I am skint,
to miss a day at this sorry restaurant.
Ungrateful though the owner is, curse his hide,
ready to wrest his toll, a day off denied,
I ask politely anyway, stay patient
to his stinging reply: "Tony does not need
someone who will not work. Do what you think best,
bear your mild yoke, attend the dishes. Your nerve
is ungodly. Diners by the hundreds speed
here to eat, to sup, hurry to carve and rest.
They also wait who only stand and serve."
by Jerry Bradley
in volume 2 issue 2

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