Monday, December 9, 2013

Dreams of Consumerism


Buy burgers, buy blancmange, buy bounteously.
Buy beads, balsam, beatitudes, brilliancy.
Buy baubles, buy bloaters, buy boaters, buy beefsteaks,
buy barbells, beginners: become brawny beefcakes.
Buy backwoods, buy badlands, buy back Big Board blackjack,
buy big buck big boogie's bright, broad being brought back.
Buy, beat banker's boundlessness: blank bankruptcy
brings bonus by bonus, boys, backhandedly.
Buy big boobs, big beauty brings big benefit.
Buy bargain bin barf bags, boys, barf bit by bit.

Cloned Cooks Conquer Canada

Come closer confidentially,
catch Canada's chronology,
catch cloned cooks criminal contest:
Canada's concealed conquest.
Cooked cauliflowers culminations
constipates canalizations,
capsize cabin cruisers, cans,
Canadian catamarans.
Caviar corrupts, castrates,
corroding classy copperplates.
Curare cakes cause casualties.
Cayenne confuses Calgary,
cremating culinary camps,
causing creepy colon cramps.
Catheter contents–casualty!–
coagulate completely.
Canteen cleaners congregate,
compromise, capitulate.
Cream cracker's cream contains cocaine.
Canadian clergymen complain.

in volume 2 issue 2
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