Monday, April 21, 2014

a holy week

Footnote to File
(see File)
with apologies to Allen Ginsberg

Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy! Holy!

The office is holy! The secretary is holy! The 20 lb. paper is holy! The multi-line telephone is holy! The hold feature and voicemail and call waiting and conferencing are holy!

Everything is holy! even the janitors are holy! the storage closet is holy! every day is an eternity! Every clerk's an angel!

The hand stapler's as holy as the Xerox auto-cartridge stapler! The supply room packing tape as holy and effective as you my personal desk Scotch tape are holy!

The binder clip is holy the accordion file folder is holy the paper clip is holy the Xerox X30 electric dual-function two and three hole punch is holy the operators are holy!

Holy Rich holy Hank holy Jenna holy Emily holy Gianfresco holy Patrella holy the unknown John Wade, Esq. who works remotely from home holy the nighttime cleaning crew!

Holy Ron who works in sales! Holy the tape dispensers of the HR department down the hall!

Holy the groaning printer! Holy the spitting copy machine! Holy the sorted collated and user title page endowed multi-tasking print jobs!

Holy the view from the office window of the next building's office windows! Holy the office kitchen! Holy the gurgling of individually brewed name brand K-cups of light, medium, or dark roast coffee or else white, green, or black tea!

Holy the solitary lunch break! Holy the building security personnel! Holy the five o'clock elevator crush and holy the rotating doors that spin and ARE spun by the exiting workforce!

Holy Conference Room One holy Conference Room Two holy Conference Room Three holy Shipping and Supply Room, holy Copy Room holy Storage Room holy Closed File Room holy Open File Room!

Holy the morning smoke break holy the office clocks holy the computer clocks holy the wrist watches holy the cell phones and holy all things that tell time holy the microwave clock holy hourly pay!

Holy the commute holy the elevators holy the reception desk holy the atrium holy the lunch hour holy the executive holy Friday afternoon!

Holy manila folders! red folders! yellow folders! blue folders! Holy! Ours! filing! organizing! consulting!

Holy the exactness and efficiency and undeviating punctuality of the accounting department!

by  Abraham Schneider
in Volume 2 Issue 2

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