Monday, May 5, 2014

Get Baked

Pie Beauty
with apologies to Gerard Manley Hopkins
Glory be to God for bakéd goods—
 For things of flaky-crusting, and the lure
  Of mince and mousse and mounds of cherry-red;
Peach, pecán, pumpkin, shoofly—to be sure!
 All forms, all fillings, artful tarts aglaze;
  Pastry wheels, pans, dishes, and all tins.

Key lime, black bottom, rhúbarb, custard's sum;
 Méringue atop a butter-crust delight!
  Fresh, frozen, shortbread crust or crumb;
Patisserie or bakeshop in the night:
             Bléss Him.
by Andrew Sacks
in Volume 2 Issue 2

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