Monday, May 19, 2014

summer travels

Composed On Westminster Bridge: by a Bobdingnagian Barbarian
with apologies to William Wordsworth

Earth has a lot of things more fair than this:
the dull, gray palace of Westminster lies
with pointy Gothic spires that touch the skies;
the city is abuzz with busyness;
red double-decker buses pass and hiss,
as thousands move about; Big Ben does rise
above the milling crowds' hoots, hails, and cries;
boats clip along beneath the greenish bridge.
There are a few green trees beside the Thames,
but very few, whereas the bridge itself
is thick with traffic. Here aren't any gems,
just Lilliputian toys upon a shelf.
And there beneath this city's garment's hems,
and hahs! the river sludges on, gray elf.

by Wil E. C. Ruse Blade
in Volume 3 Issue 1

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