Monday, July 7, 2014

Roadtrip memories

Boston Snapshot

Late winter Sunday
mostly Cloudy but mild.
Escape artist in front of Faneuil Hall
hangs upside down, bound in straight jacket and ropes
comic banter to entertain crowd
frequent mentions of his tip jar.
At pivotal moment in the routine
shouts are heard off-stage.
Around the corner comes parade of at least a hundred Tibetans
calling for independence
carrying photos of 107 monks
who have self-immolated.
Houdini tells them to be quiet, eliciting laughs from the crowd.
The marchers form a circle in the square, chanting and speaking for their cause.
Houdini gets free, after much mock-struggling, to wild applause
then, with feet back on the cobblestones, vents his anger:
"Shut up...go're disrespecting street artists."
Police get between him and several young Tibetan men.
Speeches over, they all march back the way they came
towards, perhaps, the T stop near the site of the Boston Massacre.
Houdini and his helpers pack up their equipment
ready for the next of the day's performances.
by John Roche
in Volume 3 Issue 1

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