Monday, August 18, 2014

Not our kind of school

Now Scheduling Shadow Days
Sign at Luther North High School
If your days are simply too cheery and bright;
if you're coddling a sunburn;
if you crave a vestige of your self;
if your naked hands yearn
to give themselves over to puppet art;
if you've a mind to discover
what evil lurks in the hearts of men;
if you long to loaf, loiter, or lie in wait;
if you wish to trail on the sly;
if you've a need for cool comfort;
if you love the 5 o'clock hour;
if you dream of a constant companion;
if you've an ambition to be your own sundial;
if you want a respite from clarity,
we can pencil you in.
by Yvonne Zipter
in Volume 3 Issue 1

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