Monday, October 20, 2014

Who do you think you are?

Suburban Prophet

I was told Rudy used to be the richest man in town
but was struck by lightning and
now believes he's Jesus.
I don't think he is.
He doesn't look like Jesus,
but he does look like he's been struck by lightning.

Usually he is found outside the Woolworths.
His altar:
standing by the benches
where people eat their bacon sandwiches.

Rudy can be heard
from all over,
calling out
his message.
Mainly consisting of him being Jesus.

I do find it uneasy,
the stereotype
that the only black man in town
thinks he's Jesus.
Or is mentally ill.
Or crazy.
Or bored.

I heard he lives in the underpass by the railroad,
the one where the street performers play their guitars
hoping passersby will dispense extra cash
on the way back
from the shop.
I don't believe this
since I never see him preaching there
or sleeping.
So that fact doesn't sound like one at all.

What I also don't believe?
Rudy is Jesus.
Not because I don't believe in Jesus,
or a black Jesus,
like that episode of Good Times.
Rudy probably would have thought that was Dyn-O-Mite.
I just can't picture Jesus hollering to the skies
declaring himself Jesus.

That said, I haven't met a person who doesn't like Rudy.
Someone is always giving him a cigarette
or talking to him.
I never see people give him food,
so maybe he does have money.
Though, I think if he did have money,
he could afford to by some shoes.

I suppose Jesus didn't wear shoes either.
And I don't recall him having money.
Though, I do remember once, Rudy said he was going to make it rain.
I didn't believe him,
but, at that moment, it did.
The clouds had been out all day,
so I guess the probability was strong
that it would rain,
but it was still unnerving.

If he really did get struck by lightning,
perhaps he has some connection with the weather.
Jesus was able to calm a storm.
Maybe Rudy was the cause of his own lightning strike.
He did it to himself,
not having enough control
over his powers.
That is another reason I don't believe he's Jesus.

by Adam Solomon
in Volume 3 Issue 1
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