Monday, January 12, 2015

Cold Weather Passes

The Passionate Playboy to His Prey of the Week
with apologies to Christopher Marlowe
Come on and be my part-time love,
And we'll make life a pleasure groove.
We'll sit on hills and meditate.
Come on and be my part-time mate.

And we will run upon the sand
On all the beaches hand in hand.
We'll lie half naked in the sun,
Swill booze, and have all kinds of fun.

You'll really love my waterbed.
We'll have a blast. Who needs to wed?
We'll plant some flowers. For beauty? Nope!
They'll serve to camouflage our dope.

A gown from Frederick's, lady fair,
So sheer you'll wonder if it's there—
Of joys like these you'll have your pick.
Come on and be my part-time chick.

We'll have the gang in this weekend.
I'll let you swing with my best friend.
I offer wondrous joys to you
Don't break my heart; say not "adieu"!


Prey of the Week's Reply to the Passionate Playboy
with apologies to Sir Walter Raleigh
If all the world and love were young
And truth in any playboy's tongue,
These shallow vows would not me move
To come and be your part-time love.

I'm in no shape to jog or run,
and spacing out is not much fun.
Skin cancer's such a threat, you know.
The beach is not the place to go.

I've no desire to float half-crazed
With a playboy bleary-eyed and dazed
Who goes through fifty girls a year
And spends his weekends steeped in beer.

You plan to share me with your friend?
Your generosity knows no end!
Your rotten ideas really stink.
I recommend you see a shrink.

both by Janice Canerdy
in Volume 3 Issue 2
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