Monday, May 11, 2015


Glinda's Dilemma

Don't think it's easy having all the answers.
It's tough hovering just beyond your reach
in this stupid pink bubble,
barely visible but ever present,
knowing the short cut,
and knowing it won't matter a damn
unless you find your own way.
Just ask Dorothy.
Do you think she would have been so happy
to get back to those grey Kansas cornfields,
if she hadn't seen through all that technicolor glitz herself?
Yellow brick roads are nice,
but it took a few flying monkeys
for her to really believe
there's no place like home.
I could have told her right off the bat
about those ruby slippers,
but I didn't because my therapist warned me
about codependent behavior,
and said that I have to learn to let people
make their own mistakes.

Which brings me back to you
and all those lions and tigers and bears
you keep mistaking for lovers.
Imagine how I feel,
watching you going around in circles and
wanting to give you the answer,
hopelessly trying to prove to you that
the wicked witch can't hurt you anymore.

It would be so easy.
All you have to do is
click your heels three times
and say I love you.
And I will be your home

by Gloria Heffernan
in Volume 4 Issue 1

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