Monday, April 4, 2016

thou dost be brief

Shakespeare Tweets 
with double apologies to William Shakespeare

OMG I'm getting old.
You know how people say
Summer of youth?
Well I was autumn.
Soon I'll be dead, like winter.
No birds a-chirping here.
If I was a fire, I'd be the
Embers left over.
And soon the ashes of my
Younger days
Will put me out.

Dude, my girlfriend, though.
Her eyes are OK I guess,
Her lips aren't really that red though.
Her skin's nice,
But her cheeks don't have a rosy glow.
Her breath isn't terrible,
But it ain't any Chanel.
I don't really hate it when she speaks.
She's nice looking, but I mean
It's not like she's a supermodel.
It's cool, though,
Cuz she's my bae.

by Risica Caputi
in volume 4 issue 2

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