Monday, May 30, 2016

keeping up with current events

Got Mail?

Honeybees browse the pollen scene,
Then info-dance for hive and queen.

Fireflies flash fluorescent bytes,
To entice she-flies on sultry nights.

While lizard's bobbing throat display,
Is a firewall to keep males at bay.

A fiddler crab will his claw wave,
To chat she-crabs into his cave.

Sir rabbit's thump on hollowed log
Is his lagomorphic website blog.

He-spider taps desire on her internet.
If he miss-taps, that web-mistress has him yet.

It seems many creatures communicate
On their sex and health and estrous state.

But the master at this hashtag jabber
Is a dog and his olfactory member.

For familiaris will, while sniffing, garner,
Info on who passed and if enamor.

So I stop and start when with my dog,
For each pillar and post host canine blog.

And of course my lad will never fail
To pause to send his own pee-mail.

by Anastasia Voight
in volume 4 issue 2

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