Monday, December 12, 2016

Two for DP

An Ode to Dorothy Parker
with a nod to Dorothy Parker
Peanuts can kill you;
Wheat can make you sick;
Shellfish can ill you;
And steak sits like a brick.
Lettuce carries parasites;
Onions make you cry;
Coffee keeps you up at night;
You might as well die.

by Martin H. Levinson

Algonquin Suicide Squad
with a nod to Dorothy Parker
Rick Flag's super-obvious surname pains you;
Killer Crocs are damp;
Ace Chemicals stain you;
And Harley Quinn's storyline is camp;
Deadshot's guns aren't lawful;
Slipknot's nooses give;
Captain Boomerang is all-around awful;
And despite the title, almost everyone lives.

by Joseph S. Pete
in volume 5 issue 2

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