Monday, March 27, 2017

for Britland


Pity I can't tell you when I learnt
I loved British authors best. I don't
live in a flat or gaff, nor use much
petrol. Never had children, so no need
of nappies. I've come to think those
who call themselves teachers in the States
are bloody fools, who should be sacked.
Just look at the massive rubbish they spout
in the language of the lav. And prayer
in schools? Start a row over creation myths?
Bunch of plonkers, prats, and muppets.
Tell them to get off their fat bums, stop
playing clingfilm near their mums, and quit
watching the telly, drinking lager. Read!
There's more than a few good bits in books
by Brits, and they aren't obsessed with guns
and buggery. I fancy Fortey, Dawkins,
Rowling, Ridley. Aren't they the proper
mates? Like me, they love autumn, never
lower themselves to call it fall.

by Joan Mazza
in volume 5 issue 2

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