Monday, May 7, 2018

May 7, 2018

I Sprayed Her Name upon a Store One Day
with a nod to Edmund Spenser

I sprayed her name upon a store one day.
I used the brightest purple I could find.
The killjoy owner scrubbed it all away,
But first he placed swift kicks on my behind

And yelled some things that were not very kind.
Next day I chose dark blue and red to write
her lovely name to show how firm my mind
was fixed on her. Man, what an awesome sight!

The psycho owner tried to start a fight.
He ruined my masterpiece; still, all will know
the fame of my great love, my heart's delight,
For I'll be back real soon with paints that glow!

Some artists use graffiti to declare
Undying love for lucky ladies fair.

by Janice Canerdy

Drink with Mewith a nod to Ben Jonson

Drink with me coffee, black and strong.
I promise nevermore
To drink with meals a fifth of wine
Then stagger cross the floor.
My need for thee doth rival thirst
For booze; you're both divine!
Jove's nectar's only in a book,
But I found thee online.

I sent thee late a rose-red couch
Not just to honor thee.
I hoped to lounge upon it oft
Whil'st thou served meals for free.
But thou thereon did'st only sneer.
And sent'st it back to me.
You said, "This thing is old and smells,
I swear, of wine and thee!"

by Janice Canerdy
in volume 5 issue 2

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