Monday, July 9, 2018

July 9, 2018

The Compassionate Neighbor to a Cat
with apologies to Christopher Marlowe
Come live with me and be my cat,
And you can chase the mongrel rat
That scurries on the kitchen floor
And scrapes against my bedroom door.

And you can play with store-bought toys
That make a ringing jingling noise,
And laze upon a chair or bed,
And meow and yawn and stretch and shed.

And I will rub your neck and chin,
And feed you tuna from a tin,
And scratch your back and stroke your tail,
And give you water in a pail.

And I will pat and pet your fur,
And watch you sprawl and hear you purr,
And feel the padding of your paws,
And hear the scratching of your claws.

So if you'd like a place to hide
From sun and rain, and live inside
And laze around, and grow all fat,
Come live with me and be my cat

by Gil Hackel
in volume 6 issue 1

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