Monday, June 23, 2014

They are a Changin'

The Gen-Y Dude to His Friend with Benefits
with apologies to Christopher Marlowe

Come hang with me and all my bros—
we'll grab some brews and Domino's,
and Netflix The Avengers next.
Later, maybe we can sext.

Ping me and I will ping you back
a link to my IKEA hack;
to really show I give a damn,
I'll even send an Instagram.

What if I get a sweet evite
to party down on Friday night?
Then you, my bangable plus-one,
can watch me playing Temple Run

on my new Android while we eat.
Next day, I'll write an awesome tweet
about how you and I should chill
with Jason, Justin, Josh and Bill.

We'll keep this up a month or two,
and then, the way girls always do,
you'll want that word. I'll say I've said it
by sharing clips I find on Reddit,

pretending like I'm all engrossed
in random Facebook crap you post,
installing Minecraft on your Dell,
and texting "Sup?" and "LOL."

But no... you'll say I'm just a stupid
jerk you met on OKCupid,
and dump my ass. That's how it goes.
I'll keep on hanging with my bros.
by Melissa Balmain
(whose full length book
Walking in on People
is available now!)
in volume 3 issue 1

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