Monday, March 23, 2015

A sad kind of funny


at my funeral
i want it to be
something like
a theme funeral
like maybe an
all pirate funeral
and everyone's
gotta dress like
a pirate or slut
or fare maiden
and use those
pirate and slut
and fare maiden
accents gotta
get really loud
and raucous
off some real
poor rotgut
a fight
or two
break out
and decide
whether to bury
or forget to bury
my ass every
one drive home
drunk as skunks
every man for himself
still in their eye patches
and pirate costumes
have to not be a
total asshole or
grownup and
drive home
within the
speed limit
so the only
ones if they're
idiots take out
and then like
some absurd
and psychotic
surreal chain
letter chain
of command
have another
one with a
similar like
theme maybe
perhaps more
like super


Episode Zero

one day the whole
world's gonna just
explode and it's
gonna all be i mean
we're all gonna be
on a big flatscreen t.v.
all perfectly prepackaged
and wrapped up in a box
sticking out of a shopping
cart pushed by a big piece
of white trash at walmart...

in Volume 3 Issue 2

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