Monday, March 16, 2015

Get Ready for the Festivals


If Lady Macbeth had the advantage of an automatic washing machine
How different the Scottish play would have been.
There would have been no need to consult witches on the brew
Required to remove stubborn blood stains and make a kirtle new.
The Chamberlains could have been framed for Duncan's murder,
Hands washed and clothes round the washer without a murmur.
No nightmares on the battlements, or falling out with Banquo
Just watch the drum of fabrics swashing to and fro.
Macbeth could load the drum or his good lady,
Then relax with a glass of wine and not look quite so shady.
Perhaps a rub with soap or a biological detergent
Would stop MacDuff returning from exile resurgent.
It is a shame that Glamis, or Cawdor there might be
Didn't have a washer from Amazon or Curries.
So the Lady wrings her hands at some imagined blood clot,
Sleepwalking to the bitter end with, "Out, out damn spot!"
by Clint Wastling
in Volume 3 Issue 2

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