Monday, April 6, 2015

All About Alliteration

Abysmal Abbot

Abbot Adam, an adamant activist,
antichrist's avid antagonist,
acclaimed as attaining advanced abstention,
absorbed an assistant's abject attention:
Anthony, adept, adolescent,
accepted apparent abasement.
Abbot Adam arranged an assignation,
announced anodyne alcoholization:
"Alcoholic availability!
Assistant, apprentice, activity!"
Anthony – addled, aggrieved and
adaptable – affirmed agreement,
arranging apt availabilities.
Adam absorbed absinthe avidly.
Alcoholized Adam articulated:
"Accursed abnegation, abominated!"
Adam's abject, abyssal allusion:
"Adolescence assures absolution!"
Awaiting amorous activity,
adrenalin addled Anthony.
Adam added: "Adonis, abnegate
abnegation, avidly anticipate
appealing, alluring affinity,
alertly amusing abdominally!",
- "Appealing? Appalling abominably!"
affirmed Anthony accusatorially.
Abbot Adam announced: "Apt assistant!
Act, arrange abbot's anal amusement!"
Anthony, accusatorial: "Apery!
Alcohol adder, apocalypse apogee!
Anal attacks? Against any agreement!
Adipose ape, antic accompaniment!
Atrocious anaconda, alas and alack!"
Amok: an aflamed absinthe attack
assassinated Adam absolutely.


Spicy Stuff

Sophie, savory seductress,
serving salty slinky sweetness,
startling starters sensitize,
sensational soup sips surprise
starved sybaritic sickos soon.
Some sybaritic sickos swoon.
Stonking scuffles, screwball's swag:
snappy, snazzy, stewing stag.
Salsa sagas, soup spoons splash,
steamed swede, smashing squashes smash,
sirloin, sliced skillfully,
sage sage, spearmint, savory,
sour sorrel, sweet sensation,
spicy snapper's scintillation,
sashimi supernovas sate
sinner-spinners, saturate,
saffron salmon, stylish seafish,
succulent satay's scent, spuds swish.
Splendid spicy scallops steam,
sizzled, spattered sinners scream:
"Sophie, savvy sorceress,
sacramental scrumptiousness".
Scintillating secrecy:
stoolies sigh submissively.
Sweet, sagacious, salty Sophie,
slyly serving slinky slurpie,
sainted Sophie, sickos sigh,
scream "salvation," sanctify,
say "Salaam, side salad, seafood",
solemnizing Sophie's sainthood.
Splendiferous satiety,
sinners snore sedately.
"Alleluia" articulated Anthony.

by Alex Dreppec
in Volume 3 Issue 2

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