Monday, April 20, 2015

Ye Olde Networking

Likest  Thou My Facebook Post?

Remember now, while resting in thine seat,
How friends who hath the fame of being true
Inform themselves of what their friend doth eat
And sundry other things that friend might do.
Perforce thou needest soon that "Like" to click
If in thee doth a mote of mercy live.
For seconds, as if swords, my heart now prick
Whilst wait I for what's only thine to give—
A "Like" to say thy care for me is great,
As care that hath a holy man for God,
When showing care of thine for my update
By clicking that's akin to heads that nod.
    If likest thou not my new Facebook post,
    Of myself, anon, I'll make a ghastly ghost.

by Paul Burgess
in Volume 3 Issue 2

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