Monday, November 30, 2015

Biblically speaking...

with apologies to Moses
He left her there, a pillar of salt
To the mountains he did flee
With two virgin daughters scrambling behind
As God said it should be.

T'was a cave in the hills they did find
A place where they could stay
Lot left the girls to tidy up
While he went out to pray.

"Poor Daddy," one gal said to the other
"This really is quite a plight,
Our mother's a statue of salt back there
With whom can Dad spend the night?"

"I think it's my call to do the Lord's work
It's my right, I'm older than you.
When he drinks this wine he'll lie with me
You can have him when I get through."

An orgy raged on the mountain that night
Each gal played her part to the letter.
In drunken splendor Lot climaxed it all
"Wife, you get better and better."

Then the Lord looked down and said to Lot
"Look, these daughters you've defiled,
You're righteous and you're clever too
Through each will come a child."

This story is one not told in church
In the Bible you'll need to look,
Revelation, scripture, from the pen of God,
It's the world's first dirty book.

by Dianne Hardy
in volume 4 issue 1

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