Monday, November 16, 2015


There Was a Barren Baroness

There was a barren baroness
The baron was upset
He did his duty regular
But he could not beget

In came a special specialist
Credentialed and respected
Prescribed this suggested that
But nothing was corrected

Years passed of childish childlessness
Oo!—they wanted to conceive!
Each grew to hate the other
Until one Christmas Eve

Beside a fireless fireplace
They scowled for lack of options
Twin Stars of the East above their heads
They both exclaimed: "Adoption!"

Then came the pregnant pregnancy
Of the gardener's unwed daughter
The papers filed she had the child
But what came easy would get harder...

Now passed a decade's decadence:
She petted and he spoiled
The child became a tyrant
At which they both recoiled

In came a psyched psychologist
Fresh with a PhD
Quite certain he could help them out—
he gave up in a week

An addled adolescent
The child drinks and dopes and steals
First he's fined then he does some time
Deaf to his folks' appeals

Some solutions are... insoluble
The paradise they'd planned
Was trampled by their Ookum-snookums—
you rarely get what you demand

Now this is lesser than a lesson—
Not fit to call a moral—
But not every couple needs a child:
Try raising something floral

Karl Williams
in volume 4 issue 1

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