Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016: The year things got weird

Dear-ish Readers!

It is with great aplomb that we use the word aplomb and think that we've done so correctly. Hooray for us!

Also, we're changing things up around here. Here is now There. Or rather, it used to be There before it became Here. My oh my, what a mess!

If you want to reach us, please call out to our newest internet, webmail, or postal gods--whichever ones will respond to the ritualmaking supplies you have available!



Snail Mail
Parody Poetry
P.O. Box 6688
Portland, OR 97228

see, we're not lying!
We even have a blurry picture to prove it!

Like any good poem is never complete, our transition will probably always be in flux and never finalized. Know that we are always eagerly awaiting your submissions, subscriptions, and Halloween pictures!

Your friendly poetry connoisseur,
The Haikooligan

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