Monday, June 27, 2016

Say a little prayer for myself

Drive By Liturgy

Another celebrity preacher proclamation: God would be mad
if we didn't use fossil fuels, he planted them for consumption,
because angels are hot-rodding it all over heaven, but his god
owns stock in oil and gas companies. Our gods are not related.

My god made trees, hugs them regularly, and thinks people
are darkly comic, wandering in a closet looking for the light
switch, but until we find it we're guessing. His god hands out
flashlights, makes everything abundantly clear. My god says

What's the fun in that? and goes scuba diving in the Great Barrier
Reef. My god pets sharks and doesn't believe in fire and brimstone,
just volcanoes. My god reads encyclopedias, has a compost pile,
recycles glass, aluminum, paper products. My god made creation

that could keep creating and recreating and hopefully learn
something in the process. My god crosses his fingers a lot, opens
another beer to sit back and watch. My god sends dreams, not
text messages. He still writes things in clouds if you can read

the language and stop to smell roses. My god is proud of creating
roses, combustion engines not so much, more trouble than they're
worth, but my god would not take them back, he watches us write
instruction manuals and prays we get it right. Yes, my god prays.

by  Teresa Milbrodt
in volume 4 issue 2

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