Monday, July 11, 2016


Stopping a Cat on a Lonely Evening
with a nod to Robert Frost
Whose cat this is I think I know.
She's busy at the office, though;
she will not see me bribe her cat
with milk so that he will not go.

I've let him in, deciding that
for once I will not holler "Scat!"
Because it's been a lonely night,
I let him cross the welcome mat.

I scratch his ears, and in delight
he purrs, a chummy sound that might
make him good company to keep—
but then he thanks me with a bite

and spills his milk! This cat's a creep!
He leaves me with a flying leap,
and tiles to mop before I sleep,
and tiles to mop before I sleep.

by Jean L. Kreiling
in volume 5 issue 1

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  1. Me thinks Robert would love that and I do too. x

  2. That is lovely; love Robert Frost - love that too. x


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