Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Lovin'

Nursery Rhyme Personal Ads

Man seeks woman for outdoor fun–climbing hills, exploring waterways. First aid skills important. If you like to "tumble," contact TripwithJack.

Bi plate seeks fork, knife, or spoon for getaway adventure. If you love musical cats, humorous dogs, and gazing at incredible night sky events, don't diddle or dawdle. Contact WhataDish.

Two visually impaired mice seek third for bold but dangerous adventure. Thrills guaranteed, but risk of injury or even amputation. Contact 2Bmice.

Two men with culinary interests seek third for "tubbing" adventure. Lighting specialist preferred. Let's "rub and dub" together. Contact ButcherBaker.

Strong-minded woman seeks man to share love of gardening. If you love flowers, particularly silver bells, cockleshells, and little maids, contact MaryMary.

Equestrian man with avian interests seeks horsey fair lady who is into jewelry, especially rings and bells (on toes). Let's meet at Banbury Cross and make music together. Contact Roosterman.

Man seeks Rubenesque lady to share good times with good food. Some dietary restrictions, though. If you love sweets and rich food, contact JSprat.

Man seeks multiple partners for kissing fun and sharing sweet desserts. Prefer emotional types not afraid to show tears. Not into long-term relationships. Contact GeorgieP.

by Richard Drace
in volume 5 issue 1

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