Monday, October 10, 2016

As the tower collapses...

To Trump
with a nod to William Shakespeare

Shall I compare thee to Election Day?
Thou art more clever and more temperate.
Hispanic rapists over us hold sway,
Political correctness rots our state.
Sometimes too hot the voters' passions burn,
And often is their power of insight dimmed.
And billionaires from altruism turn,
Too frequently their public spirit's trimmed.
But thou, eternal patriot, shall not fail,
Nor will you let the jerks and losers win.
And though the Kenyan makes our nation wail,
your prosperous reign will end our mournful din.
  So long as money talks, and eagles soar,
  We know you'll make our nation great once more!

Tell All the Truth or What You Can
with a nod to Emily Dickinson

Tell all the truth—or what you can—
Success in half-truth lies.
Too much for the electorate—
The truth they might despise.
And if reality objects
Or logic is unkind,
Just cry, "A liberal conspiracy!"—
Keep every voter blind.

by James Hamby
in volume 5 issue 2

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