Monday, October 3, 2016

Ditched before the holidays?

Ode to a Lost Love

If I could
I would
Go back in time
And do it all
Over again—
Only different.

Not to swap a
Left turn for a right;
A missed opportunity
For a knockout punch;
A harsh word for a
Gentle smile.

I would trade
Every step forward
For a somersault;
Every left turn
For a pirouette;
Every right turn
For a hike in the woods.

I would exchange
Every shy smile
For a red balloon;
Every blind date
For a pizza pie;
Every first kiss
For a trip to the zoo.

I would swap
Every sundae
For a sunburn;
Every rainbow
For a splinter;
Every accolade
For a knife in the back.

I would do anything,
Anything at all,
My former love,
Just to make sure
That I never met

by Meriah L. Crawford
in volume 5 issue 1

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