Monday, November 14, 2016

Never State it Plainly

North Coast Suite

There's a doctor who works in St. Paul
Who can fix fractured necks with an awl.
Minneapolis folks
Who've grown tired of their yokes
Ought to give this great surgeon a call.

A policeman patrolling Milwaukee
Thought his uniform made him look gawky,
So to keep himself svelte
He just tightened his belt
And got rid of that damned walkie-talkie.

An importer of cheese in Chicago
With an underdeveloped imago,
Even though he knew better,
Blew a sneeze on some cheddar
And re-labeled it fresh Asiago.

A reporter assigned Terre Haute
Came awake with a pen in her throat.
Since her lover had fled
And had left her for dead,
On her pillowcase "Murder" she wrote.

A procurer who lived in Detroit
Had a bevy of babes to exploit.
As a matter of fact
It was clients he lacked,
For his hookers were less than adroit.

in volume 5 issue 1

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