Monday, November 7, 2016


The Pavlovian Board

Want to quit smoking,
drinking, overeating?
Order the Pavlovian
Board without delay.

Every time you want
a smoke, a drink,
that humongous wedge
of chocolate fudge cake
with cherry cream icing,
whack yourself over the head
with the Pavlovian Board.
Or have a friend do it.

This therapeutic technique
has been proven to cure
addictions, compulsions,
manias, phobias, and
excessive intelligence.

Don't let your petty faults
hold you back any longer.
Live life to the fullest.

Warning: May cause
concussion, blurred vision,
headaches, brain damage,
toothaches, baldness,
excessive bleeding,
splinters, hearing loss,
and premature death.

Consult your doctor
to see if the
Pavlovian Board
is right for you.

by Bruce Boston
in volume 5 issue 1

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