Monday, January 30, 2017


Clerihews for a Famous Literary Sailor

Herman Melville
Was into whale kill,
So he wrote the famous Moby-Dick
Although harpooning was not his schtick.

Herman Melville
Couldn't spell well.
The real guy's name was Israel,
But Herman misspelled it, "Ishmael."

Herman Melville
Didn't sell well.
Thousands of Moby-Dick copies left over,
In his attic, basement, and Mom's, moreover.

Herman Melville
Fished for bluegill.
He said it was almost as fun as whale
If you don't consider matters of scale.

Herman Melville
Visited Nashville.
Where Moby-Dick didn't get him too far
'Cause he couldn't sing or play guitar.

Herman Melville
Scared a Paris demoiselle.
She said, "Mon cher, with you it's wrong.
Your Moby-Dick is just too long."

in volume 5 issue 2

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