Monday, February 6, 2017

For Love

The Compliant Wife

There once was a woman who'd sneeze
From pollen and flowers and trees.
Her husband avowed
Her sneeze was too loud,
And begged for a sneeze that would please.

She covered her mouth tight in shame,
Pinched her nose each time the urge came,
But though she'd turn blue
Whatever she'd do,
The sneeze blew right out just the same.

She held her breath fearing divorce,
But nothing could hold back its course,
The pressure—it blew;
Out came the "A-Choo,"
Unleashing with hurricane force.

Her husband was knocked to the ground;
Four miles away he was found.
No more does he cry,
"The volume's too high,"
His ear drums were burst by the sound.

by Diane de Anda
in volume 5 issue 2

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  1. As lyrics go, that's a good one. x

  2. Sorry, that should say, limerick ! That's what happens when you're drinking coffee and typing with one hand. x


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